Philosophy & Vision

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Reid Cummings


Darrel Hargreaves


Angus Cowan


Erik Cramer


Sam Holowaychuk


Robert Stagg

Robert Stagg




Learn to Train: Learning Cycling Skills
Ages 9-12 Recommended


Train to Train: Building the Engine
Ages 12-16 Recommended


Learn to Compete: Excel in Competition
Ages 16-18 Recommended


Preparing Youth for Track Cycling:

Athletes and parents will be kept up to date for the following:

  • Ontario Cups
  • Western Track Championships
  • Eastern Track Championships
  • Track Nationals


Preparing Youth for Road Cycling:

Athletes and parents will be kept up to date for the following:

  • Local Races
  • Provincial Races
  • National Races
  • Potential International Races

Preparing Youth for Mountain Bike Cycling

Athletes and parents will be kept up to date for the following:

  • Local Races
  • Provincial Races
  • National Races 


Preparing Youth for Cyclocross Cycling:

Athletes and parents will be kept up to date for the following:

  • Local Races
  • Provincial Races
  • National Races

Cycling Camps

Athletes and parents will be kept up to date for the following possible camps:

  • Penticton
  • Victoria
  • Canmore
  • Europe  (joint project with other provinces & clubs)
Camps1 Camps2



Training times and disciplines may be changed.




Updated April 27, 2020.

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Head Coach - Scott Laliberte

Scott L

Cam Mason


Sam Hargreaves

Sam Hargreaves

T.J. Hargreaves


Shawna Donaldson



939 45 Street SW, Calgary, AB T3C 2B9
Phone: +1.403.830.4004

Darrel Hargreaves B.PE, B.Ed

  • 22 years PE Teacher, 24 years of coaching experience in a variety of sports
  • NCCP certified in cycling, race organizer, level A commissaire for road and track
  • Sits on boards for bicisport and CBTL, as well as for the CBE
  • Children went through the CSI cycling program and have accessed private coaching
  • Helps with planning camps and race prep for the athletes, and youth race organizer

Reid Cummings B. Comm., CPA, CFE, CISA

  • 27 years professional experience in finance, governance, and information systems
  • 15 years significant volunteer experience in sport management, youth programing and coaching, advanced education, professional associations, NCCP certified
  • Member of CBTL and Cyclemeisters

Angus Cowan

  • Founder, Amble with Angus 5KM Fun Run: To date, raised $450,000 for Calgary Food Bank
  • Parent in CSI Calgary cycling program since 2008: BMX, MTB, Track, Road, Cyclocross
  • Father of Quentin and Alec Cowan:
    • Alec (22): 2X National Champion, 25 top 10 finishes (10 podiums) road racing in USA and Europe, 12th at U23 Road Worlds in ITT, raced in 15 countries around the world as a pro and representing Canada.
    • Quentin (15): Member of CSI for past 4 years, looking for a home to ride and hang out with his friends.

Erik Cramer BA Econ, B.Sc Env Science

  • 22 years in finance and commodities. Currently Environmental commodities.
  • Coaching experience and certification at XC Bragg Creek
  • Tail gun for CSI training camps and Saturday rides plus other volunteer duties 

Sam Holowaychuk B.Sc - Ag, M.Sc - Nutrition and Metabolism, Dip DH, RDH

Involved with mountain bike racing and race management for Provincials, Canada Cups and Trans Rockies with RMB'NB

  • Retired mountain bike commissaire
  • Member of Pedalhead Road Works, CBTL and Tri It Multisport
  • Marathon runner

Robert Stagg

  • 27 Yrs Aircraft Maintenance in commercial aviation - Helicopters and transport category aircraft
  • 8+ yrs volunteering and coaching grass roots programs in Nordic skiing and mountain biking
  • Member: CBTL and Bicisport
  • NCCP Lets Ride Community Initiation: Community Coaching Mnt Bike
  • NCCP Community Coaching Nordic skiing
  • CANSI Level 1 instructor Nordic skiing. Teaching experience with kids and adults

Sam Hargreaves

9 years experience in competitive cycling

  • Coached by Richard Wooles
  • Numerous National & Provincial Titles & Medals in Track & Road

Scott Laliberte

Back when I first started riding in Quebec, my first big club ride saw me way out of my element. Unprepared for the ride on all fronts, I was dropped on the return route only to see one of the Elite riders waiting for me at one of the cross roads. I was embarrassed and apologized for ruining his ride a few times but he brushed it off telling me that someday I would probably do the same for a new/young rider. As I matured through the years on the bike and moved up the categories I never forgot that day and that rider’s words. I often recount that story on rides when I am apologized to for riding within newer rider’s abilities and pacing them back to the ride but I find the most satisfaction from helping a new young rider learn the ins and outs of this sport.

After more than 35 years of racing and coaching I am very excited about the opportunity to coach, help mentor, and develop the next generation of Calgary athletes.


Cam Mason

  • 6 years of experience as a competitive cyclist primarily racing on the track and road
  • 9 years of competitive long track speed skating
  • Former track coach with the Calgary Sport Institute and the Calgary Bicycle Track League

TJ Hargreaves

I started racing at the age of 10 here in Calgary, specializing in Road and Track and Cyclocross

I have always loved cycling and also work at Calgary Cycle to share my passion for cycling with others.

Working with the youth here at the Calgary Cycling Academy my goal is to share my passion for cycling and to grow the youth side of this sport while building life-long skills.